Water Stores

5 gallon containers being filled in a water store

We provide Water Store design and consulting solutions including:

  • Complete Packaged system systems
  • Fill stations and dispensing equipment
  • Ice making equipment and ice storage
  • Ice vending equipment
  • Other Accesiories
  • Pumps ,UV lights , filters
  • Repair parts


Skid Mounted Water Store Packages

Consists of two skids. Each 60 L x 30 W x 78 H Overall length 120 inches. Skid one has components for pretreatment and production of R.O. water as well as integrated electrical control panel, flow meters, Digital TDS monitor and gauges.


Model GPD Membrane Motor Dimensions
AWS WS-1 2000 to 2800 4x40 one ea. 1.5 hp 120Lx 30Wx 78H
AWS WS-2 4000 to 5400 4x40 two ea. 3.0 hp 120Lx 30Wx 78H
AWS WS-3 6000 to 8000 4x40 three ea. 5.0 hp 138Lx 30Wx 78H
AWS WS-4 8000 to 10500 4x40 four ea. 5.0 hp 138Lx 30Wx 78H

Skid Mount System Specifications:

Skid Mounted Water Store Packages

  • Twin Alternating Water Softener
  • Integrated Control Boxes
  • Indicator Lights
  • Auto Flush Carbon Filter
  • Hour Meter
  • TDS Monitor ( Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Skid Mounted
  • System Pressure Gauges
  • Flow Meters
  • Low Pressure Pump Protection
  • Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Time Delays
  • Stainless Steel Housings
  • 2000 - 6000 GPD
  • Dual UV Lights
  • Dual 1HP Dispensing Pumps
  • Dual Final Filtration
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • SCH 80 PVC Piping
  • Level Controls


Stainless Steel Counter Tops And Fill Stations


  • Stainless Steel Water Store Counters
  • Custom Design
  • Complete Draining System
  • Removable Grates
  • Adjustable Legs
  • One Gal. & Five Gal. Fill stations

View the Water Store Powerpoint View the Power Point brochure (requires Microsoft Power Point)

Skid Mounted Water Store PackagesFill Stations

Water feed requirements: 1 inch to 11/2 inch minimum 50 psi - Electrical requirement Two 20 amp single phase circuits 208 or 230 volts - Optional 3 phase version requires One 30 Amp three phase 240 / 480 volts - Total weight 1550 lbs.

AWS Permeate Rinse feature flushes R.O. membranes with pure water will in standby position. This helps prevent membrane fouling and eliminates the bad water R.O. membranes emit on start-up.

Window Vending Machines

Window vending machines for purified water

  • New 14 Gauge on piece Stainless Steel Front
  • 10 gallon bottle capacity
  • Vandal proof construction
  • Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves
  • Adjustable vend pricing on each side
  • Projects target to ease alignment
  • LED vend lighting in fill cavity
  • Mars MBD coin controls
  • Optional card reader system
  • Installs in almost any wall or window
  • Accepts nickels, dimes, quarters and bills
  • Optional U.V. or High TDS shut down
  • Dual vend operation fills two bottles at once
  • Custom fabrication on request
  • Low voltage 24V microprocessor and coin controls

Money removed from back of unit inside of store for better security and piece of mind.

Dual window vending machine increases profits 50% to 100% over single window vending machine.

The original dual window vending unit has just gotten better. 100% stainless cabinet, LED display, Full opening back, LED lighting, New Microprocessor, simplified installation, Lighted marquee.

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