Water Vending Equipment

Rear view of a window vending machine

Product Specifications

  • NEW complete stainless steel cabinet front to back
  • Easy open back exposes the entire cabinet for service
  • All new LED display board shows credits and amounts of money deposited

Electrical Requirements

  • 110 volt 30 watt fluorescent light UL listed
  • One 24 volt 1.2 amp UL Listed transformer
  • Entire system operates on 24 volts except fluorescent light

Cool blue uv lighting in a window vendor

Water Requirements

  • Clean purified water source 10 PPM or less, micro biologically safe.
  • One 3/4 in water supply
  • Adequate drain
  • Install proper air gap
  • Check with local plumbing codes

Installation Dimensions

Required framed opening:

  • Width 45 ˝” X height 47”
  • Total depth 14”

Equipment Dimensions

  • 45” wide X 461/2” tall X 14” deep
  • In store depth 10”average
  • Must account for left or right hinged door for money removal.

Window vending machine instalation specsWindow vending machine instalation specs

Each unit is tested and calibrate to the highest standards at our facility, with all parts under warrantee for the period of one year from date of installation.